Getting Ready for Work

Fresh from the shower, you come up behind me with a smile
I am getting ready for work, brushing my slightly damp hair
You run your palms up my sides, over my bra
Sighing in anticipation of getting me sweaty again

As you begin to massage my shoulders and neck
I let the brush slide to the dresser…our eyes locking in the mirror
Running your hands along my arms
Bringing them to rest on the front clasp that you love so much

As my breasts are freed from the cloth, they are captured by you
Pulling a taut nipple between thumb and forefinger
Hand still moving up and down my back, still watching me watch you
When you slip your fingers into my panties, my head drops to your shoulder

I am grinding back into you – feeling the hardness of your cock
A sense of loss when you release my nipple, but it is only to slip off my panties
You are kissing across my shoulder and up my neck
It is obvious how wet that makes me and you begin to lightly bite

You gather the pooling moisture from me and use it to slick yourself
A moment of tightness before access is granted to my ass
You moan with the snug fit…I moan when you begin to move inside me
There is a need in me to be closer and I rock back

You push me forward until I am resting on the dresser, still watching
The fingers caressing me move faster, my signal that you are getting close
Your pumping becomes more urgent and your face is strained with pleasure
I can feel your balls hit against me with each thrust, heightening my need

When I start to cum, you use one hand to clutch me to you more firmly
As my muscles clench in orgasm, you cannot hold it any longer
Filling me with warmth even as I cum for you, and only you
There is no need for words when you rest on my back

As your dick slowly softens inside me, you plant kisses along my spine
Wanting me to know how satisfied you are when you separate from me
You turn me around, tongue kissing me until I am breathless
Before you return to the shower, you lick your wet fingers and wink

It is going to be a beautiful day

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